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Great meals for the whole family. Balanced and healthy.

Save money on nutritious foods that will keep you full for longer.

A healthy Paleo diet can help you in fighting diseases.

No sugars, no additives, no gluten – only healthy ingredients.

369 recipes in 14 categories. Every meal is included.

Healthy lifestyle equals a healthy brain – get rid of inflammation.

Start Paleo if you want to lose weight – it’s easy and healthy.

Get all of the ingredients from your local grocery store.

Delicious ideas for every meal – no more boring dishes.

Get all the info you’ll ever need – guides, recipes and a meal plan!

It’s not like people living in this era had any choice between natural food, and let’s say fast-foods, but the meals they consumed were more nutritious and healthier than all the wacky stuff what we got used to. They consumed more fiber, proteins, Omega 3 fatty acids, unsaturated fats, vitamins and minerals, while they obviously had no contact with processed foods, additives and artificial sweeteners. A diet based on meats, animal products, vegetables and fruits, nuts and seeds, with added fats (coconut oil, grass-fed butter, avocados, olive oil) has a colossal number of benefits, and can have a huge impact on your health.
Today’s diet is in fact one of the leading causes of all of the diseases in today’s society.[ref.]
According to hundreds of thousands of people who went Paleo, and as reported by abundance of research papers[ref.] Paleo diet can have  a dramatic effect on your body, health and well-being.

Many of today’s diseases and conditions are rooted in our lifestyles and diets. Through the years we got used to eating fancy fad diets, whatever is being advertised on TV, or what looks the best at the supermarket or a restaurant. There isn’t enough discussion about the impact of our eating habits on almost every aspect of our lives.

Cutting out sugar and junk food from your daily routine can truly work wonders on your body and mind. Without even mentioning the huge amounts of money some of us (raise your hand!) are spending on junk food every week, switching to organic, natural foods will save you a plethora of possible health-related issues.

Weight loss on natural foods takes less time and prevents the yo-yo effect. Fats keep you full for longer, so you can expect to lose weight while eating the same amounts of food.
One of the research conducted on the Paleo diet[ref.] explains that it’s a true champion when it comes to diminishing the unnecessary pounds from your body – simply because it keeps you full for longer. The balanced, full of nutrition dishes provide the necessary amounts of fats which can delay our sugar cravings, postponing the urge to eat. Fruits and vegetables have lower calorie-to-gram ratio than most of other foods, so eating larger amounts of them will also provide a healthy sustenance for hours.Natural and healthy weight-loss linked with the Paleolithic diet is one of the most important aspects for many new users.
It’s never easy to get rid of addictive junk foods and sugars, so you can be sure that your body will try to fight you, but with our delicious and balanced recipes it’s easier than ever!

Paleolithic diet has been shown to balance blood glucose levels, because it avoids sugar overconsumption. It helps to avoid sugar crashes and fatigue often experienced by people who rely on sugary foods. It’s easy to see why Paleo is so good when dealing with Diabetes. If you’re afraid you might get diabetes, definitely give the Paleolithic lifestyle a go!

You can prevent energy crashes simply by giving up on foods high in sugar. A well-balanced meal will provide you with all the necessary nutrients and vitamins. Correct amounts of fats, carbs and proteins will allow your body to get the most of it’s potential. Every awful food you’re putting inside your mouth will slower the metabolic processes and slow down the digestive system, leading to spending more energy on processing that food – leaving you with no energy.

Get rid of gluten and wheats from your diet. Gluten has been shown by many research studies to work negatively on the digestive system, even on those who are not suffering from the Celiac disease.
Detox your body from all the junk, sugars, carbs, fillers, preservatives and other chemicals. Eating more fruits, vegetables, and natural foods leads to purifying the body from excess of all of those elements. You don’t have to start fasting, or follow some loony fad diets to gain benefits.

High amounts of healthy omega 3 fatty acids (and other healthy fats) have a multitude of advantages, among them many related to brain health.[ref.] The Caveman diet encourages you to eat fish at least twice per week to gain these amazing improvements.

Better diet and exercise lead to more energy and less mental fatigue and brain fog. Paleo diet excludes foods that have a negative effect on our cerebrum. Combined with exercise, the Caveman diet is a perfect way of dealing with symptoms of stress, depression, fatigue and anxiety.[ref.]

Anti-inflammatory properties of the Caveman diet combined with lack of sugars and inflammatory foods make Paleo a superbly healthy disease fighting force. Avoiding junk foods of all kinds allows the body to get rid of chemicals used to ‘enhance’ our daily foods.

With better lifestyle and better diet comes better sleep. Chemicals in junk and processed foods make us ‘wired’ and damage our natural day-night cycle. Sugar crashes makes us tired before it’s time to go to bed by causing serotonin to be released. Cutting out carbs can make you feel more tired for the first couple of days, but it’s just your body getting in tune with natural circadian rhythm, as it should be.

Your gut is home to trillions of bacteria – the gut flora that aides in food digestion, vitamin synthetization, regulating metabolic processes and boosting the immune system.Poor diet can easily irritate this precious system, while a healthy lifestyle and Paleo-style diet can help in maintaining a balanced gut ecosystem.

With 369 recipes in 14 categories  it’s possible to create a diverse diet plan for every day, without having to repeat the same meals over and over again.

leads to an enormous number of health dangers and lousy diseases, when in fact most of them are easily avoidable with proper eating habits.
Chronic diseases, diabetes, cancer, obesity, stroke, heart disease, fatigue, brain fog, bloating, depression, and anxiety[ref.] are just some of them… One of the scientists researching the negative effects of today’s popular foods said that we are literally ‘eating ourselves to death’. The worst thing we eat everyday – the processed foods, have devastating effects on metabolism and general wellbeing, but almost 90% of money we spend on food, we spend on processed, unhealthy meals.
They are usually full of sugars, fructose corn syrup and artificial ingredients to make them taste better, and to make them more addictive. Sugar and highly rewarding junk foods activate the same areas in the brain as drugs of abuse like cocaine.[ref.]As much as 40% of American health-care costs  are related to sugar overconsumption and complications that arise from it. Newest research shows that almost 400.000 (that’s four hundred thousand!) deaths in the United Stated alone may be caused by bad diet.[ref.]
Going Paleo should be on the top of your list if you’re overweight, suffer from chronic disease, heart disease, diabetes, fatigue, brain fog, or if you simply want to start living a healthy and rewarding life.
Since most processed foods are low in nutrients but high in refined carbohydrates it’s easy to ‘get hooked’ on them, and start treating them as a normal part of one’s diet.Latest research shows that consuming processed foods in associated with 10% increase in overall cancer risk.  [ref.] Did you know that even bagels and breakfast cereal can increase the risk of cancer?[ref.] Since the FDA doesn’t require food companies to list additives as ingredients (shame on them!), there’s no way you can know what you’re putting in your (and your family’s) body when consuming foods that make up your daily diet.

Processed foods are often cheaper, but because of their low nutritional values you need to eat more of them than natural foods, so in the long run you can actually  start saving money on Paleo  – how cool is that?!

Most of the ingredients needed for our recipes are natural, unprocessed and easily available at your local grocery store. Processed foods are often more expensive – both for your wallet, and your health.

The Complete Paleo Diet Solution Guide  – this unique, most comprehensive guide will get you hooked on Paleo in a matter of minutes! Everything you must know to get started with the Paleolithic lifestyle, but if you’re an experienced ‘Caveman’, have a look nevertheless – there’s a lot of information people tend to forget…
Absolutely packed with info and answers to all of your questions.

Created by the Paleo Diet Solution Team, with years of experience and research on diets and nutrition, it’s the healthiest most comprehensive guide on the Caveman / Paleo diet available! Packed with amazing recipes and huge amounts of information it’s everything you’ll ever need to start paleo, and stay paleo. Here’s what you’ll find inside:
The Most Amazing 369 Recipes!  Absolutely packed with illustrated instructions and ingredient lists, this HUGE collection of dishes is divided into 14 categories for the whole family, every occasion, and mood. Easy to make, delicious, and most importantly nutritious and healthy foods you will enjoy for months and years!

No more complicated recipes, guesswork, and hard-to-get or expensive ingredients. Many of our recipes can be prepared in 20 minute – or less! Foods nature itself designed for us to enjoy.
 + 95 video recipes  – Put them on your mobile device or a tablet to have a hands-free recipe library.
Getting Started With Paleo  – Find out how, and why to get started with your adventure with a healthy lifestyle. Get answers to all of your questions, and gain all the knowledge necessary to get the most from going Paleo.  Page 2 What is Primal Living?  
  Page 12 Best and worst foods for a Caveman  
  Page 27 Common mistakes  
  Page 41 Undomesticate yourself  
  Page 10 How to prepare for your diet  
  Page 29 How to shop for Paleo foods  
  Page 22 How to be ‘Quasi Paleo’?  
  Page 31 Staying active  
  133 Pages more!

4-Week-Long Daily Meal Plan  – Looking for a whole day of nutritious and delicious meals? Look no further – we’ve got you covered!Defeating Stress  – Find out how to deal with daily stressors, and how to turn your anxieties into pure energy.Sleeping – Paleo Style  – Our modern lifestyle is a combination of hectic bustle and persistent stress – not the best combination for a restful sleep. Let us guide you to a world of calm and deep slumber.Exercise For Health  – Paleo doesn’t only mean munching on delicious healthy foods and giving up on trash that makes up the modern diet. It IS a lifestyle, and one of the parts that make it so beneficial is that it work on all fronts. Adding a healthy amount of exercise to your daily routine is a no-brainer when thinking about speeding up your journey into better well-being.

You won’t find such an offer anywhere else!
This huge collection of valuable recipes and guides is a unique opportunity to get you started with the Caveman lifestyle. If you’re an experienced Paleolithic lifestyle freak, our recipes and manuals are just the thing to keep you enjoying this healthy way of life – everyday.

Going out often means no access to nutritious Paleo meals, and cooking on your own can be time consuming and boring – that is without our huge collection of recipes for every day chow. Sticking to Paleo every day for many people means eating the same meals almost daily. This is where our guides and 369 recipes come to help!With a detailed description of ingredients and directions, it’s easy to prepare a great feast for yourself or the whole family! The ‘clock’ icon at the top of the page will point out the recipes that can be used to prepare your favorite dishes in a matter of minutes. The ‘three-dot’ icons will also give you an idea on how hard / easy the recipe really is.It’s unbelievably hard to give up on foods you love  – we tend to get used to how easy is to indulge ourselves with delicious snacks and dishes, not to mention that processed foods work on on our brains almost like drugs do. Here’s the cool thing: with the great variety of our recipes, we believe that the transition to the healthy diet and lifestyle is easily achievable. Learn how to love the healthy meals that can bring you so many positive changes.Remember: you can start slow, introduce more and more Caveman dishes into your diet, and use our 369 recipes every day to get the most from the foods you eat.
Slow transition or plunging head first into the Caveman diet? It really makes no difference! A change to real, full of nutrients and vitamins foods is the way to go. Choose how fast you want to make the shift and make your friends super jealous with  your stunning body!

How good our Paleo Diet recipes and guides really are, and how many benefits a Caveman lifestyle can have. No surprise here, this diet and healthy habits have many benefits and have helped millions of people to start an amazingly healthy life.  Take a look at some of the reviews  from people from all around the world, who have trusted us to provide them with top-quality information.

If you’re new to the Paleo diet and you’re searching for easy and delicious recipes to get you started, I recommend this book. It’s a cookbook with recipes AND photos, which is also great! (There’s also A LOT of other books in the download, but I’m mostly interested in the recipes!)
An amazing introduction to the Paleo way of living and the diet. I love the recipes, and there’s a lot of information that’s completely new to me, so that’s also cool :). At first, I started to feel a little bit tired, but now I know it was because of limiting the carbs and sugars in my diet – now my energy levels are back to normal, or even higher :). Kisses!

– Mary Ruby, Southampton, United Kingdom

Superb recipes that offer very healthy alternatives to my every-day dishes. I’ve been using this cookbook for more than a month now and I can definitely feel difference in my mood and energy levels. I simply started to feel better and healthier. This book made me quit many bad habits (eating too much, including too much carbs…) I wasn’t even aware of, and I don’t even miss them anymore.
Paleo diet reduced my inflammation and I’ve managed to lose weight after only three weeks. Some great recipes here I’m using almost every-day. Definitely recommended!

– Tom Bright, Provo, UT, USA

I’ve switched to not so strict paleo months ago, and it has been honestly the best decision of my life. I’ve never felt so clear-headed. After some time, I’ve felt a little bit tired of eating basically the same foods, so I’m happy I got my hands on the ‘Paleo Diet Solution’.
The amount of information is great, but as someone who has been doing Paleo for some time now I’m more focused on the recipes, and to be honest they’ve helped me so much… Good amount and variety of some of the tastiest meals I’ve had since starting Paleo!

– Elisa Corno, Portland, OR, USA

I absolutely love the recipes in your cook-book! There’s more than enough of them for me to use everyday, without using the same ones over and over again. This is a great collection, with its help I’ve been preparing meals for my whole family for more than a month now, and we all love it! Paleo has been amazing for my (and my family’s) well-being, so I’m really happy I got your book to help me with this healthy lifestyle.
I’ve tried most of the diets (including vegan, vegetarian, juice fasting etc.), and I can’t forgive myself for not trying the Paleo diet sooner. After months (or even years) of bad habits, I was finally able to get rid of processed foods and too much carbs/sugars from my diet. It was without the doubt one of the biggest changes in my life, and thanks to your cookbook I can continue to be Paleo every day, without having to look for healthy alternatives to my meals. Thanks!

– Owen Star, San Antonio, TX, USA

Cutting carbs and limiting calorie intake will get you closer to the real Paleolithic diet. Simply by doing so, you can expect to lose weight and have much more energy throughout the day.
It’s not easy to give up on sodas and foods high in sugar content because they provide you with this feel-good energized feeling which rapidly fades away, leaving you with strong cravings for more. That’s why we have prepared two bonuses (‘Stop Sugar Cravings’ and ‘Junk-food Eliminator’) to help you with this difficult task.
Paleo diet is easy to follow with our 369 recipes!  You don’t have to count your calories or get a hold of hard-to-get ingredients. It’s simple – there’s nothing confusing, no crazy rules or extreme approaches to health and nutrition. All it takes is to have a good, nutritious meal everyday, cutting out on ‘poison’ (junk food, processed and fast-foods), and to remember to take care of your attractive body. With our guide and 369 recipes it’s simpler than you think!

Get pumped! Paleo diet relies on eating large amounts of meats – to put it simply, you’ll be providing your body with more than decent amounts of proteins to grow your muscles.The right amounts of fats, carbs and proteins allowed Paleolithic people’s bodies to stay healthy, and strong.

Do you suffer from brain fog, anxiety, depression, chronic pains or are you concerned with your general health and weight? More and more people are starting to realize just how devastating their bad dietary choices can be…

The modern diet leads to  lower quality of life, and can seriously damage your health. [ref.] Literally hundreds of thousands of people all around the world have chosen to start the Paleo lifestyle in hope of repairing their health. With many both short, and long-term benefits, Paleo seems to be getting more and more popular. Huge amounts of people are sharing their success stories, ranging from better energy levels, less fatigue, less inflammation, lower anxiety and depression levels, to weight-loss, better skin and better general well-being. With the ‘Paleo Diet Solution’ it’s easier than ever to get started with your transformation – even today.

But there’s even more! We still have something else for you. You can access our guides with the most important info, and the most delicious and healthy recipes you have ever tasted in a matter of minutes! Our book collection has been tested by many people in various parts of the world and can be yours for a ridiculously low price. As if that were not enough we are giving you incredible six bonuses that are a perfect addition to the Caveman lifestyle books and the recipes. But also……We’re offering you a  100% RISK-FREE WARRANTY.

The product comes in a form of a digital .pdf file download – NO PHYSICAL COPY WILL BE SHIPPED! Product renders are for visualization purposes only.

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The product comes in a form of a digital .pdf file download – NO PHYSICAL COPY WILL BE SHIPPED!

Stop wasting your life and health on short-lived pleasures of harmful foods. Invest in yourself and find out how easy it is to lead a healthier, more active life.

No printing = no damage to the environment. ‘Paleo Diet Solution’ will be delivered in a .pdf file – which can be viewed on any device. No physical product will be shipped. After you order, you will have INSTANT ACCESS to all the parts of the product. You can use it on your computer, tablet or a smartphone (there’s no waiting, and no additional shipping costs!).

P.S. –  You’ve probably been looking for tasty and healthy food for a long time, so why wait any longer? With a 100% risk free guarantee, it could not be easier to start living and eating Paleo TODAY!
P.S. 2 –  Do yourself a favor and stop punishing your body with second-rate food and forget about the fear of eating unhealthy trash! Our recipes have been created to be safe, healthy and delicious for anyone – not only those who want to be strictly Paleo – you can share your meals and healthy lifestyle ideas from our guides with your friends and family!

After enjoying the recipes from our ‘Paleo Diet Solution’ you’ll be wondering how it was that you were eating those boring and tasteless dishes for so long.

This is the healthiest decision you can make in your life, but if you still have some doubts, please contact us at: [email protected]

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Click here to get Paleo Diet Solution – 369 recipes with guides and bonuses at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

Paleo Diet Solution – 369 recipes with guides and bonuses is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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